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DIY Bird Costume

Every year, I find myself procrastinating on getting ready for the holidays. I’ve realised at this point in my life that I do best with some pressure, especially when trying to be creative. Somehow, knowing the deadline is approaching helps me focus on the project and find inspiration. 

This year, I found inspiration for my kid’s costumes in Elizabeth Mitchell’s song, “Little Bird.” They ask me to sing this song every night at bedtime, and always want their favorite verses. The music video for this song also features adorable kids wearing homemade bird wings, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to make something similar. I decided to make a Chikadee for J and a Bluebird for M. I may add some more details to his later to make his Bluebird into a Jaybird.

I came across Pretty Prudent’s Bluebird Costume Tutorial, and it was exactly what I had pictured for the costumes. I loved this tutorial because it gave me the freedom to design my own patterns based on measurements from my kid’s clothing sizes. This style of costume is also perfect for our warm fall weather, since the costume is basically a hood + cape and regular clothes can be worn underneath.

I had a bunch of fabric leftover from cloth diaper making that I used for the Chickadee costume, so the total cost was $18 to purchase the fabric for the Bluebird costume as well as some details to be used for both: 2 yards of blue fabric, 1 yard of black fabric, 1 yard of grey fuzzy fabric, several sheets of felt for the bird’s faces, and batting to stuff the wings and tail. 

I’m pretty happy with the results! J refuses to take her costume off, and M crumples at the suggestion of putting his on. Fortunately, these should still fit for next year too.


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