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Eastern Sierra: Part 2

After a two year haitus from the eastern Sierra, we return with our family for a week-long adventure in the area of Mammoth and June Lake. This post is part of a series of articles on our experiences.
Here is Part One of this series.

Part Two: Thoughts On Cabins

In the past, Zachary and I usually scoffed at the idea of staying in a cabin instead of camping. We thought it was such a silly idea to stay indoors when we would much prefer to eat, sleep and explore outside. It’s really funny how having kids changes things.


This was our very first “major” vacation since Juniper and Max were born, and since we weren’t really sure how everyone would do with the 6+ hour drive, the thought of trying to camp with a 7 month old and 2 year old was overwhelming to me. Having a cabin to stay in would eliminate the harder parts of going camping: having to look for a campsite, be cold, cook in the dark, etc.- things which are no problem without kids but have the potential to be disastrous with them.

Crowley Lake Cabin

The first cabin was an AirBnB rental in the quiet little community of Crowley Lake. Our host John and his family have a rustic little one bedroom cabin available for rental just behind their own home. The cabin is situated right next to an icy-cold creek that runs the length of their property and has a wonderful, lived-in charm that made us feel right at home. John was a wonderful host and while the cabin was ideally set up for a couple, we were still able to squeeze our family of four in comfortably.

The cabin was stocked with an eclectic collection of topographic maps, guidebooks, novels, and history books about the area and beyond. Every night Zachary and I enjoyed sitting in the big cushy chairs and poring over books together, accompanied by the constant music of the brook just outside the cabin door. Crowley Lake is only about 20 minutes south of Mammoth and 10 minutes north of Rock Creek Lake, so it was situated ideally for the hiking we hoped to do in the area.


Reverse Creek Lodge

Our second cabin was a two-bedroom rental at Reverse Creek Lodge in June Lake. I competed in the June Lake Triathlon in 2011 pre-parenthood and we had wanted to return for another visit ever since. The owners of Reverse Creek Lodge have a very large family, and all the children take part in the daily operations and maintenance of the lodge and cabins. This cabin was very spacious, with a king-size bed in the master bedroom and two twins in the second bedroom.

The kitchen was also amazingly well stocked with a full size refrigerator and freezer, a small oven, microwave, and a complete set up of cookware and dining ware. We thought this cabin would be ideal for a longer stay with a group, or even a winter vacation. For our purposes, we enjoyed the spaciousness of the cabin, and I loved preparing meals in such a great kitchen! I even made cupcakes to celebrate on Juniper’s birthday.


Zachary and I thoroughly enjoyed staying in cabins on this adventure, and we even joked that it might have ruined us to camp in the future! If only our pre-parenthood selves could see us now.


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